Cleaning Challenge: Attic/Basement Storage Week

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New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 71

Spring weather puts storage areas into new prominence, as we search for outdoor equipment and seasonal clothing.

Time to head to attic and basement storage areas in the New Year Cleaning Challenge!

This week, we'll plan, declutter and organize storage areas in attic or basement.

Ready? We're sorting storage this week in the Cleaning Grand Plan!

Today's Assignment:
Attic / Basement Week

Stored stuff can acquire a "bread dough" quality, expanding to fill the space available. This week, we're taking on attic and basement storage areas in the New Year Cleaning Challenge.

Assessing household storage, we'll make a storage plan to guide the where-and-how of stored items.

Releasing our hold on unneeded items and clutter, we'll do an in-depth declutter session to hone stored possessions.

To really clear the decks, we'll consider holding a yard sale to free up storage space and score some cash.

Ready? It's Attic/Basement Storage Week in the New Year Cleaning Challenge!

Cleaning Grand Plan - Attic/Basement Storage

Attic/Basement Cleaning Checklist