Cleaning Challenge: Kids Room Week

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New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 64

Today's the day, and we're jumping for joy: it's Kids' Room Week in the New Year Cleaning Challenge.

Kids and their stuff bring special challenges to an organized home.

We'll investigate solutions to storing children's toys, games and clothing, tapping right-sized organizing options and kid-friendly maintenance routines to keep children's rooms ship-shape.

Along the way, we'll declutter and deep-clean children's rooms, and prepare for warm-weather activities ahead.

Ready? Bring on the small stuff--and their stuff--for Kids' Room Week!

Today's Assignment:
Kids' Room Week

Do little ones (or not-so-little ones) make a home in your household? This week, we're taking on children's rooms in the New Year Cleaning Challenge.

If you're living in a household with children, you know the issues. Adult-scale storage solutions don't work well for children's toys and clothing.

Playthings come with multiple tiny pieces that scatter from one end of the house to the other.

Children change and grow so quickly that limited storage space becomes clogged, making it hard to find clothing that fits or toys that fit their interests.

Complicating the problem? Children feel ownership of their space and their stuff, and can resist needed changes. "Clean your room!" battles wage, and nobody wins.

This week, we'll focus on ways to bring order and peace to children's rooms. We'll investigate ways to partner with children to cut clutter, and to institute daily routines to help keep spaces clean and organized.

We'll consider the Chore Wars, and work on ways to create a win-win partnership for family chores.

Finally, we'll share tips to involve children in Spring cleaning and teach needed domestic skills for adult life ... without losing your mind.

Ready? It's Kids' Room Week in the New Year Cleaning Challenge!

Cleaning Grand Plan - Kids' Room

Kids' Room Cleaning Checklist