Cleaning Challenge: Guest Room Week Wrap-Up

organize the guest room

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 63

It's been a free-form week here at the New Year Cleaning Challenge. We've tackled the guest room (if we have one), and have used the week to catch up or to work on a bonus area in the household.

Today, take the last steps to clean, declutter and organize the guest room or bonus area.

Tomorrow, the New Year Cleaning Challenge moves to the children's rooms. We'll take on the small stuff next week; are you ready?

Today's Assignment:
Wrap Up Guest/Bonus Room Week

This week, many of us have "done our own thing", as the Cleaning Grand Plan takes us to the guest room. With luck, it's been a week to catch up to the plan, bring order to a bonus area, or just take a breather.

Today, review your guest/bonus room week checklist. If possible, complete the last few tasks today. You'll set the stage for next week's focus area: children's rooms.

No time to finish today? Note remaining tasks, and add them to your to-do list or planner to be tackled when time permits. Can you delegate any remaining chores?

Remember: there's no such thing as "behind"; every step you take is one more stride toward a clean and organized home!