Cleaning Challenge: Solve A Problem, Make A Start

start to get organized

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 60

When it's time to get organized, a single success multiplies motivation.

Fixing a problem that frustrates you releases welcome energy--and it gives you concrete proof that change is possible. Over time, that purposeful start points the way to real change.

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, give yourself a double gift: tackle and solve one small, nagging problem on the home front.

Making a start is the first step to winning the race!

Today's Assignment:
Solve A Problem, Make A Start

Getting organized, like most forms of successful self-change, is a process. To get there, it's as if you're running a race ... and the best way to get to the finish line? Make a good start.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when you're faced with a house that is cluttered and chaotic. When frustration rises, we'll sometimes dive in on many fronts ... and seventeen unsorted boxes later, energies run out before the job is done.

That's why one secret of successful self-change is making a good start. Identifying and solving a single small problem is a powerful first step on the road to a more organized life.

By resolving a single nagging issue, you free your energies from the frustration and delay the problem's been creating every day.

More important, you can look back and point to your successful solution, whether it's a single clutter-free shelf, a dedicated home for the car keys, or a new pre-bedtime ritual that cleans the family room floor before the children go to bed.

Whether it's clearing clutter, establishing a new habit, or fine-tuning a routine, a single change is the right place to start.That small, concrete change marks the first step on the road to a more organized life. It's your starting point, and will stand behind you as a marker as you move down the path to better organization.

Ready to make a good start?

Scan the list you made during yesterday's Cleaning Challenge assignment, and identify one small, defined change you can make quickly.

Then go do it ... to get your new, orderly life off to a great start.

On your mark, get set, go! It's time to get organized!