Cleaning Challenge: Progress Check

progress check

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 58

With more than half of the New Year Cleaning Challenge completed, it's time to make a progress check.

Today, step back for a few minutes and celebrate all the changes you've made this year. Give yourself a big pat on the back for every area, large or small, that has been cleaned, decluttered and organized as you've followed along with the plan.

Next, assess your progress. Did you start strongly but found that life intervened with your plans? This is the week to refresh your motivation and renew the assault against dirt and disorder.

Fallen off the rails entirely? Hey! It happens! Review the factors that tripped you up, and remind yourself that one of the strongest indicators of successful self-change are trying, trying, and trying again.

Most of all, enjoy your home. It's the tapestry frame on which you weave your life ... so make it warm, welcoming and wonderful!