Cleaning Challenge: Guest/Bonus Room Week

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New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 57

We're bringing on the bonuses this week in the New Year Cleaning Challenge: during Guest Room Week, we'll take on those extra, custom spaces in your organized home.

Do you have a dedicated guest room? Then this week, you'll de-clutter, deep-clean and organize the room or space.

More likely, your household has some spaces that don't quite fit the Cleaning Grand Plan. Whether it's a crafts studio or home office, this week we're bringing order to these unique and custom spaces.

Today's Assignment:
Guest/Bonus Room Week

Guest Room Week is a bonus week on the Cleaning Grand Plan: the week where we tackle guest areas, the home office or crafting zone in your organized home.

Whether you stitch quilts, run an online selling business, work from home or put up houseguests, this is the week to bring cleanliness and order to any room that doesn't have a dedicated entry in the Cleaning Grand Plan.

For many of us, this will be a catch-up week. The pace is slower, so we can go back and finish loose ends from the earlier parts of the plan.

Want to take a refresher week, taking a breather from daily assignments? That works, too! In the days to come, daily "assignments" aren't much more than reminders, as befitting a "do your own thing" focus.

Think of the next seven days as Versatility Week: time to evaluate where you are with the Cleaning Grand Plan, tie up loose ends, or move to an area that the plan doesn't cover.

Ready? It's Guest/Bonus Room Week in the New Year Cleaning Challenge!

Cleaning Grand Plan - Guest Room

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