Cleaning Challenge: Check and Organize Bedding

cut clutter in the master bedroom

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 55

It's the perfect end to a busy day: sinking into smooth, soft bed linens for a restful night's sleep.

As we near the end of Master Bedroom Week, it's time to assess the state of the bedding. Is it lush and comfortable, or bumpy and worn?

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, make a quick check of bed linens. Will you need to refresh pillows or sheets for a good night's sleep? Then organize the linen storage area to ensure that bed linens are easy to find when you need them.

Today's Assignment:
Make A Bedding Check

Today, we're heading to the linen closet in the New Year Cleaning Challenge. What's the state of your bed linens?

Check sheets, pillows and blankets for stains and wear. Set aside pilled flannel sheets, lumpy pillows and ragged blankets for donation, and dig in the back of the linen closet to find more suitable replacements.

Will you need to buy new bed linens? Note any needed replacements on a shopping list.

While in the linen storage area, match up sheets and pillowcases, and organize them so they're easy to locate.

Hint: store each set of bed linens inside one pillowcase so they're easy to grab and go!