Cleaning Challenge: Below-The-Bed Storage Solutions

bedroom storage solution

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 53

The average bedroom has more stuff than space. If you're short on storage options, how do you keep belongings organized?

Tap the space under the bed! The area below the mattress and box springs is a natural for additional storage in the master bedroom.

To make the most of this hidden storage solution, try these ideas to make good use of below-the-bed real estate in your organized home.

Today's Assignment:
Tap Under-Bed Space for Bedroom Storage

What's living under your bed? If the answer is "dust bunnies and a stray sock", you're missing out on a storage bonanza!

Accessible yet hidden, the under-bed area is a storage solution that's often overlooked. Try these ideas to turf the dust bunnies and create an organized below-the-bed storage area.

Under-Bed Containers

While under-bed space is close and convenient, it's not always easy to reach. Who wants to scrabble on the floor, fishing belongings from beneath the bed?

Solution: low-profile organizers designed for under-bed use. Long, low and lean, these storage solutions are designed to slide easily beneath a standard box-spring for easy, dust-free storage.

Choose wheeled plastic organizers with lids to protect delicate contents. Under-bed organizers made from fabric are ideal for storing linens, and often feature wheels to make retrieval and replacement easy. Units with a slide-out drawer are a convenient option for small items.

Use under-bed organizers to store out-of-season clothing, bulky sweaters, or lingerie. It's as easy as slide ... and go!

Vacuum Storage Bags

Plush comforters and extra pillows can live happily beneath the bed, if you've got a way to reduce their bulk. Enter vacuum storage bags!

These large plastic bags feature a special air valve that can be activated with a vacuum cleaner.

Apply the wand of a household vacuum to the valve, and air is removed from the bag, shrinking the space needed to store large bulky items.

Encase bedding in the bag, vacuum and stow beneath the bed for easy, dust-proof storage.

Bed Risers

Enamored of the under-bed solution to bedroom storage, but just wish you had more space? Expand your storage options with bed risers.

Small and sturdy, bed risers are placed underneath each leg of the bed frame, raising the height of the bed area from 4 to 6 inches.

You'll need an extra-long bedskirt to hide the gap, but as a pay-off, you'll double available storage space beneath the bed.