Challenge Day 51: Bedroom Identity Crisis

bedroom activity centers

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 52

Is your bedroom suffering from an identity crisis?

Designed to be a place for rest, renewal, and private communications, the master bedroom can lose its way when burdened with too many outside activities.

Whether it's exercise equipment, out-of-place storage, paper piles or video game clutter, today's the day to bring the bedroom back to its intended purpose. Clear it out today, in the New Year Cleaning Challenge!

Today's Assignment:
Resolve the Bedroom Identity Crisis

Experts tell us that to promote healthy sleep and family communication, the master bedroom should be used only for sleeping and for time with our partner. Yet in many households, the master bedroom becomes filled with peripheral activities--and the clutter that follows in their wake.

A dusty treadmill serves as an expensive clothing rack once the New Year resolve to exercise passes away.

A surplus computer and video game equipment sprawl on top of the dresser, next to stacks of magazines and scattered paperwork.

Last season's clothing erupts in an unsteady mountain on the vanity chair ... and storage boxes, if you let them, set up camp against any open wall space and multiply with abandon.

Time out ... for a good night's sleep! Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, consider ways to restore your most personal space to its intended purpose.

As you dive into the room to clean and organize it this week, relocate interloping activities to more appropriate areas of the household.

Remove storage boxes to closets, attic or garage storage areas, and escort electronics back to the home office area, family room, or entertainment center.

Reclaim the furniture from the layers of out-of-season clothing, and give unused exercise equipment a ticket to a more appropriate location. Say, Craigslist?

The goal: to return this room to its proper purpose, and create a haven for rest and renewal. Save your space ... and your sleep!