Challenge Day 49: Bathroom Week Wrap-Up

bathroom cleaning

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 49

This week, the bathroom has taken center stage in the Cleaning Grand Plan. Time for a weekend wrap-up!

Today, take the last steps to clean, declutter and organize the household's bathrooms and personal care areas.

Tomorrow, the New Year Cleaning Challenge moves into the Master Bedroom, creating a clean and orderly place to rest and relax.

Today's Assignment:
Wrap Up Bathroom Week

This week, we've tackled family bathrooms. Cutting clutter, organizing the space and looking into new ways to keep bathrooms clean on a daily basis, we've brought these areas to a new sparkle and shine.

Today, review your bathroom checklist. If possible, complete the last few tasks today. You'll set the stage for next week's focus area: the master bedroom.

No time to finish today? Note remaining tasks, and add them to your to-do list or planner to be tackled when time permits. Can you delegate any remaining chores?

Remember: there's no such thing as "behind"; every step you take is one more stride toward a clean and organized home!