Challenge Day 47: Five-Minute Bathroom Cleaning Routine

clean the bathroom in five minutes

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 47

What's the secret to an always-clean bathroom? A daily cleaning routine!

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, consider how to keep your bathrooms clean on a daily basis.

The easiest solution is to craft a simple, 5-minute bathroom cleaning routine to keep grime at bay.

Create your own personalized routine--or use our example--to keep bathrooms fresh!

Today's Assignment
Create a Daily Bathroom Cleaning Routine

The bathroom is one room in the house where cleaning delayed is cleaning multiplied! Allow daily deposits of soap scum and soil to dry, and you'll be hard-pressed to remove it in one weekly pass.

Instead, craft a simple 5-minute cleaning routine to keep bathrooms clean, as you go. While this routine won't clean the entire bathroom, it will keep order and shorten the time needed to tackle weekly bathroom cleaning.

While we'll share a simple example routine, your mileage may vary, as they say, depending on household composition and size. A back-to-two household may need only a quick spray-and-swipe on sinks and toilet seats to keep bathrooms sparkling day-to-day; a family with young children will require more cleaning steps, and in different places. (Boys, anybody?)

Try this sample routine as a start point, and amend as needed to create a short, sweet daily routine for bathroom cleaning in your organized home:

Example Five-Minute Bathroom Cleaning Routine

To work fast in the bathroom, you'll need to tote your tools with you. Assemble a small cleaning tote with these tools and supplies:

  • cotton cleaning cloths
  • liquid toilet bowl cleaner
  • toilet brush
  • all-purpose bathroom cleaner, spray or foam
  • glass cleaner spray
  • toothbrush

The secret of a quick cleaning routine? Timing your work to allow cleaning solutions to get to work on soil and stains--then drying cleaned surfaces from top to bottom. This allows maximum cleaning effect in minimal time, and accounts for any splashes and drips.

The sample cleaning routine below shows the process. You'll start by applying cleaners, moving from area to area.

Then you'll dry from top to bottom, making sure you need to wipe down each surface only once. Cleaning cloths move from the cleanest area, to surfaces that are damper and dirtier.

Try a routine like this to get in and out of the bathroom quickly:

  • 1st minute: Raise toilet seat and apply liquid toilet bowl cleaner around bowl. Spray underside of toilet seat and toilet rim with bathroom cleaner. Lower toilet seat, and spray with bathroom cleaner. Allow cleaning solution to sit while you move to the sink area.
  • 2nd minute: Spray bathroom cleaner over and around sink and faucets. Using toothbrush, dislodge any stubborn deposits on sink and scrub around faucets. Allow cleaner to sit, as you move on to the mirror.
  • 3rd minute: Spray mirror with glass cleaner, then allow cleaner to sit as you rinse the sink area. Use cotton cloth to wipe window dry.
  • 4th minute: Using the same cotton cloth, dry sink rim and counter around the sink area. Use a fresh cloth to dry and polish the faucet fixtures. Straighten any out-of-place items.
  • 5th minute: Return to the toilet area and use toilet brush to scrub toilet interior. Flush. Using damp cleaning cloth from sink area, wipe down toilet tank top and handle, then dry any wet areas on outside of toilet or floor. Use a fresh cleaning cloth to dry toilet lid, seat and toilet rim. Stow your tote in a convenient location, and put used cleaning cloths in the laundry area. Done!