Challenge Day 45: Take Stock of Towels

check bathroom towels

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 45

Towels. They're daily companions at shower, tub and sink. Who doesn't love their thirsty softness after a hot bath?

Over time, however, towels become tattered, scattered and faded. What's the state of the towels in your organized home?

Today's Assignment
Take Stock of Towels

Heading for the linen closet, it's time to take a closer look at the household's towels in the New Year Cleaning Challenge.

What do you find when you reach the towel shelves?

For some of us, we hang onto our towels to the bitter (scratchy) end. Mismatched and shrunken, they're still in service, even after their absorbency and softness have lessened. Is it time to budget for a new set of family towels?

Other households have towels in abundance ... just not in the right place. If the linen closet is filled to bursting with plump, new towels, but the bathrooms see the same two sets of old-and-faded favorites. Is it time to retire them in favor of their cushy closet cousins?

Today, assess the state of the family's towels. Repurpose worn-out linens as shop towels or cleaning rags, and hang bathroom shelves with fresh, colorful towels. If necessary, add "new towels" to the shopping list.

In the linen area, rotate towel stocks so they wear--and fade--evenly. Place freshly-washed towels at the bottom of the pile to extend the life of your linens.