Cleaning Challenge Day 44: Declutter the Master Bathroom

declutter master bathroom

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 44

As a center for personal care, the master bathroom attracts a special kind of clutter. What's living in your cabinets, shelves and drawers?

A good bathroom declutter session will promote products in daily use and give them a front-and-center home, while dispatching those "As Seen on TV" marvels.

Follow one master bathroom declutter, and learn the secrets of allocating scarce real estate in the bathroom today, in the New Year Cleaning Challenge.

Today's Assignment:
Declutter the Master Bathroom

Open any cabinet in the master bathroom, and you may be in for a surprise. Despite the tight quarters of a typical master bath, most of us have interlopers living in that prime real estate. Lots of them!

Hair appliances and jewelry cleaners jockey for space with used-once skin care products. "Nail art" stickers sprawl out next to opened contact lens solutions, while half-empty discount house packs of personal care products tower over them.

Time to clean house in the master bathroom! To do so, try these ABC concepts to cut clutter and allocate bathroom storage space to create a streamlined, hard-working personal care area.

Master Bathroom Declutter: Easy as A-B-C