Challenge Day 40: Bring Order to Bookshelves

organize books and bookshelf

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 40

In the family room, the bookcase must do multiple duty,

Whether it houses books, decor items or digital media, it's easy to overload family room bookshelves.

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, it's time to bring order to the bookshelves. Cut the clutter for a clean and organized home!

Today's Assignment:
Declutter and Organize Family Room Bookcases

Check out any family room, and you'll find that bookshelves hold a lot more than books! Stacks of board games serve as bookends for children's storybooks. Video games and game controllers share shelf space with recent bestsellers--and in any open space, you can see interloping possessions piled willy-nilly, awaiting a trip to their forever home.

Stop the chaos!

Today's Challenge assignment tackles family room bookshelves or bookcases. Time to rout it out and create an organized storage center for family room activities.

Take a hard look at what's living on your family's bookcases. First step: remove all items that belong elsewhere. Whether it's a fugitive holiday decoration, out-of-place children's toys, or a stack of magazines hiding out from the recycle bin, clear the decks by returning these items to more appropriate storage areas.

Once you've sorted out stray items, take a hard look at the belongings that are competing for this prime storage real estate. Yes, the video games must stay, but can cookbooks and computer manuals be escorted to more appropriate storage areas? Do what you can to hone the shelves to store only what is in use in the family room.

Finally, sort and organize the surviving items. Shallow baskets make it easier to rein in video game cables and controllers, while stacking organizers can provide a second shelf to stow two times the music CDs in the same space. Look for ways to craft efficient storage for your new, slimmed down bookcase!