Challenge Day 39: Manage Magazine Clutter

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New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 39

Surveying the family room, do you find mounds of magazines ... everywhere?

Periodicals like magazines and newsletters are great fun to browse, but have a marked propensity to descend into clutter, and that right quickly.

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, try these tips to get a grip on magazine clutter in your organized home.

Today's Assignment:
Manage Magazine Clutter

A fresh issue of your favorite magazine brings a welcome lift to the day, but can quickly wear out its welcome and become clutter. Is your family room overrun by piles and stacks of magazines?

Try these ideas to cut down on magazine clutter and reclaim your space!

Prune The Unread

Magazines are a great way to chase dreams, explore new hobbies, or get up-to-date with music, fashion or politics. By their transitory nature, they invite flirtation ... and before you know it, you're buried in unread issues.

Look carefully at any magazine with more than one or two unread issues in the stack. That's a signal that the relationship is over, and it's time to release the subscription so you can move on to interests with more staying power!

Outsource Stockpiles

Even if the magazine is a close-to-your-heart favorite, eagerly read from cover-to-cover each month, saving old issues can still create a clutter problem. When past issues pile up past your ability to store them, what can you do?

Time to outsource! Knowing that you can browse a complete collection of Family Fun or Oprah: the Magazine at the local library can make it easier to set realistic limits for the number of current issues kept in the house.

Call on Containment

Hobbyists and crafters love, love, love their idea books--sometimes, to the point of being buried in them. With hobbies, as with hemlines, styles and techniques change, so why are you hanging on to issues from the last century?

Get a grip on idea books with a container principle. Designate one or two stand-up magazine holders from the office supply store as home to hobby publications.

When the container is full, you'll need to toss an older issue to store the latest one.

Yes, you'll hang onto those great scrapbooking layout ideas, but not for so long that they become old-fashioned!