Challenge Day 38: Turf Old Entertainment Technology

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New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 38

In recent decades, entertainment technology has changed at a rapid pace.

Does your family room contain successive layers of old technology? In an age of streaming media, it's time to release the jumble of outdated entertainment formats.

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, we'll consider ideas to turf the "old tech" clutter from family room shelves.

Today's Assignment:
Tackle "Old Technology" Entertainment Clutter

Reporters often ask me why today's households have such a problem with clutter. I know there's one root cause they will always understand: the rapid pace of change in entertainment technology.

You can see this factor at work in nearly every household. Family room shelves hold a short shelf of bright new Blu-Ray disks, a large number of DVD cases, and like as not, a row or two of VHS tapes: three iterations of entertainment technology. Upgrading to Ultra4K? Add another set of complexity to family room storage.

Many of us experience real resistance to letting go of older technology, whether it be video, music, or video games. As a result, our family rooms must often juggle multiple players ... and the cables, controllers and media they support. Over time, the "collection" slides into the realm of clutter. Help!

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, consider whether you're holding on to outdated technology--and look for ways to simplify and streamline entertainment options to cut clutter in the family room.

Take a hard look at that row of dusty VHS tapes. With grainy resolution and an old-fashioned square format, they're awfully hard on eyes accustomed to high-definition video. Is it truly necessary to hang onto these last survivors from the 1980's? Resolve to release them and free your space!

If your shelf boasts multiple video formats, can you complete the upgrade process by releasing no-longer-watched DVDs? Keeping the family collection honed to a few time-honored favorites saves space--and your local RedBox outsources a nice selection of new releases at a very low price.

Has your family joined the streaming media revolution? One way to cut clutter and clear space in the entertainment center is to rely on streaming options or video-on-demand solutions, rather than buying and storing physical media.

Whether it's a television with built-in connectivity, or a small set-top streaming box, either solution allows you to release the jumble of DVD disks in favor of a clutter-free online library.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, take some time today to consider ways to upgrade your entertainment options ... and ease the older technology out the door. You have nothing to lose ... but the clutter!