Challenge Day 37: Clever Containment Ideas

clutter container

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 37

Hardworking multi-purpose areas like the family room benefit from a core principle of clutter control: containment.

Heading clutter into containers makes sense in a shared space like the family room. Using open containers to group and store stray objects keeps order in a busy space.

Consider ideas for clutter containment today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge.

Today's Assignment:
Clever Containment Ideas for the Family Room

No matter how spacious the house, it's unlikely you’ll be able to stow everything you own behind closed doors. Enter containment strategies: out-in-the-open methods to keep your stuff stored in view, but within bounds.

Open or easily accessible containers work best to contain clutter. Using flat-bottomed baskets, fabric totes, or pretty decorative containers to hold video gaming gear, newspapers, children's books, CDs and DVDs reduces family room clutter while keeping needed items close at hand.

Containment strategies are especially useful for multi-use areas like a family room. Stuff stays where you can see it without being permitted to sprawl, yet any visual hint of “pile” is overcome by the restrictions created by the container.

Try these containment possibilities to corral clutter in the family room:

  • Stack newspapers in a shallow basket beneath an end table or coffee table
  • Stand CDs, DVDs and video games title-side up in a plastic organizer bin
  • Manage magazine clutter with wall-mounted racks to hold current issues
  • Use pretty boxes with a lid to organize ongoing craft projects
  • Stand remote controls on end in a square box to keep them always at hand