Challenge Day 36: It's Family Room Week!

Family Room Week

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 36

It's a new week in the New Year Cleaning Challenge: the Family Room takes center stage.

For many of us, the family room is the hard-working hub of daily life. It's where we meet, eat, watch television, do homework, read and relax.

To bring order to the family room, we'll declutter, deep-clean and organize it this week in the New Year Cleaning Challenge.

Today's Assignment:
Family Room Week

At any hour of the day, where do you find the family? In the family room!

It's where we mix and mingle, catch up on world events (or just save the world via video games). We snack, work on homework, or sit back and relax---and now it's time for a good cleaning.

This week, we'll head to the family room to remove clutter, clean and organize this shared space.

Along the way, we'll focus on activity centers--many postponed from Living Room Week--for entertainment, books and media, and computer work. The goal: bring a fresh new Spring focus to these centers for daily life

Ready? It's Family Room Week in the New Year Cleaning Challenge!

Cleaning Grand Plan - Family Room

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Family Room Cleaning Checklist