Challenge Day 33: Declutter Table Linens

Check table linens

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 33

Colorful table linens bring a special spark to the dining room ... if you can find them!

What's the state of the table linens stored in your home? Are your favorites hidden beneath a crowd of crumpled interlopers?

Today, it's time to declutter napkins, placements and tablecloths. Keep the best, toss the rest for an organized home!

Today's Assignment:
Declutter Table Linens

Who doesn't love a fresh set of table linens? A striking tablecloth, soft napkins or pretty placemats make any dining area bright and pretty, and with so many patterns for each season, it's easy to bring a new look to the family dinner table.

The downside? Too often, our homes end up oversupplied with table linens that are not quite right, leading to a jumble in the linen closet and storage area.

Shrunken placemats that didn't survive the first meeting with the washing machine. Wrinkled napkins that cry out for the ironing board. Tablecloths with synthetic fibers that attract and hold greasy stains, or which don't quite fit the table size. Old linens from a former home that don't work with the current decor.

Whether you're holding onto tattered favorites or housing "What was I thinking?" near-miss items, today's the day to clear them out.

Move to the linen storage area with a box and a trash bag, and hold a quick declutter session to clear out unwanted table linens.

Be firm! If you haven't used these items in a year, there's a reason. High-maintenance linens that require ironing have no place in a busy household, so add them to the box for charity donation. If possible, recycle stained or torn table linens for use in the workshop, or consign them to the trash bag.

The goal? A shelf full of table-ready linens that you'll use and enjoy ... and not one item more. Dare to dump it!

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