Challenge Day 30: Identify Activity Centers

activity centers

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 30

What's the state of your dining room?

While some households boast a separate room used only for formal meals, for most of us, the reality is a lot more complicated.

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, we'll consider the activities that take place in the dining room or dining area.

Identifying the room's activity centers is the first step toward an organized dining space!

Today's Assignment:
Identify Dining Room Activity Centers

When it comes to modern families, the "multi-purpose room" has moved home--and nowhere is that multi-use concept more in evidence than around the dining room table.

As we work to organize the dining room this week, we'll need to know what goes on there, so we can make appropriate decisions about space, storage and just plain stuff.

Today, take a few moments to list any activities that find their way into the dining room.

Homework? Crafts projects? Sewing or quilting? Paperwork? Each one has unique needs--so list them all as you prepare to create an organized multi-purpose area.

Later in the week, your list will guide you as you set up storage and space for each activity center in the dining room.