Challenge Day 27: Boost Your Pantry Power

pantry power

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 27

What's the difference between an organized dinner hour and chaos in the kitchen? A well-stocked pantry!

A pantry is not a place, it's an attitude--and you have one if you have stockpiled food, health and beauty aids and paper goods in your home.

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, we'll boost our pantry power with tips for starting, growing and organizing the pantry.

Today's Assignment:
Brush Up Pantry Power

Smart cooks know that a well-managed pantry makes it easy to feed the family each day. What's the state of your pantry?

Today, make an assessment of your household's pantry storage areas. Do they meet your needs? Are they well-organized and easy to use?

Whether you've got a single shelf of stockpiled cans, or a dedicated pantry area, find ideas to establish and manage pantry storage here:

An Organized Pantry: A Beginner's Guide to Pantry Pride

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