Challenge Day 25: Clean Out the Refrigerator!

new year cleaning challenge - clean out the refrigerator

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 25

Midway into January, it's easy to spot our New Year's resolutions going adrift. No matter how earnestly we make them, it's hard for resolutions to survive the rapids of daily life.

Time, money and energy seem in short supply in early January, so how to keep the progress going toward that new and more organized life?

Today, take 20 minutes to recharge most New Year's Resolutions: clean out the refrigerator.

Yes, I said, "Clean out the refrigerator!" Whether you've resolved to lose weight, adopt a more healthy lifestyle, or get organized at home, a refrigerator clean-out can help.

It's the perfect way to put resolutions on the road to reality. A New Year's refrigerator clean-out will escort the last remnants of holiday treats to the garbage can and clean away the grime left behind by all that seasonal cooking. Completing the exercise, you'll reorganize food storage areas to support a new, healthy lifestyle, learn from your past shopping mistakes, and get motivated to make better buying decisions in the future.

Ready? Kick off a great New Year with a new you ... in the kitchen!

Resolutions Rescue: Clean Out the Refrigerator