Cleaning Challenge: Cut Clutter in the Kitchen

cut clutter in the kitchen

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 23

When we dream of an ideal kitchen, the room we visualize is usually spare, clean and serene.

But when we open our eyes to reality, we're faced with a basic truth: the kitchen has an amazing ability to attract clutter.

Even after out-of-place items are rounded up and given new homes, we remain faced with hard-core kitchen clutter.

How to banish kitchen clutter once and for all? Try these kitchen declutter tips in today's New Year Cleaning Challenge Challenge.

Today's Assignment:
Cut Clutter in the Kitchen

For most of us, the kitchen is a vibrant center of family life--and it shows! Handbags and backpacks, magazines and mail circulate around the kitchen, carried in by family members.

But even after these "usual suspects" are escorted back to more appropriate places, kitchen clutter remains.

The bread machine, used twice and never started again. Giveaway gelatin molds and stacked yogurt cups. Travel mugs that are missing lids. Packets of ketchup and soy sauce from fast-food dinners.

Piling up in cabinets, drawers and on the countertop, kitchen clutter stands between you and an efficient, hard-working kitchen.

Take aim on kitchen clutter with these kitchen declutter tips:

Save Time, Cut Clutter with a Kitchen Declutter