Challenge Day 18: Control "Clicker" Clutter

Control remote control clutter

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 18

They're hard-working and indispensable features of modern life: remote controls, commonly referred to as the "clicker".

Thing is, in modern homes, they've arrived in multiple. How many clickers live in your living room--and how much chaos does it cause when one goes missing?

Today, consider ways to corral remote controls in your organized home.

Today's Assignment:
Corral Clicker Clutter

Checking out entertainment areas, it's hard to avoid remote controls run amok!

Now that every device in the entertainment area has one, they heap in stacks and piles in the living room.

Once a simple device that did little more than change a television channel, today's clickers come with manuals that rival the phone book for length and complexity. Let one go missing, and you'll be hard-pressed to start that kids' DVD for little viewers. Time to get organized!

How to bring order to the gaggle of remote controls in your living room? Today, consider ways to simplify storage and use of the family's clicker collection.

Shallow baskets can keep clickers in check, so long as they're not heaped so high that the weight presses buttons on the bottom-most devices. Turning basket-bound remotes on their sides makes them easier to find when needed.

Specialty organizers can provide a good home for roving remotes. With stand-up slots for four to six devices, these table-top storage units make it easier to operate complicated, multi-unit entertainment systems.

If you're reasonably tech-handy, check manuals to see if you can consolidate remote functions on fewer devices. For instance, remote controls for the cable or satellite receiver will often control the television, too, if programmed to do so. An hour decoding the manual to consolidate functions to a single remote control can clear a lot of clicker clutter in the long term.

High-level universal remotes can be another solution. Often featuring a Web-based set-up process, you'll enter make and model for television, audio receivers, DVD or BD player and cable/satellite boxes to control all components with a single device--and clear your coffee table for good!