Challenge Day 17: Declutter Living Room Decor

declutter living room decor

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 17

The New Year brings a breath of fresh air to daily life; today, we'll reflect that seasonal change with a decor declutter.

As we deep-clean and organize the living room this week, it's a good time to cast an appraising eye on the room's decor items.

Does the living room look warm and inviting, or cluttered and cramped?

Today, we'll take a deeper look at the place of decor in an organized home.

Today's Assignment
Declutter Decorative Items

When it comes to creating a lovely home, decor items can make a difference--but they can also become overwhelming. Too many items on display crowds walls and tabletops, demoting the room from "decorated" to "just plain cluttered".

This week, evaluate living room decor as you work to clean and organize the family's gathering space. Reach for a less-cluttered, more inviting look by reducing the number of decorative items in your living room.

After washing walls, stand back and evaluate the room's wall art or photographs before you re-hang them. Can you pare them down, or group them more creatively?

Keep in mind that "white space" refreshes the eye and enhances the room's focal points. If the the art doesn't work in the space available, find it a new home!

When clearing and cleaning tables and shelves, give knickknacks and framed photos a critical appraisal before replacing them. Can you cut down on their number or display them in better harmony?

Sofas and easy chairs can easily be swallowed by collections of pillows, throws and cushions. Keep what the family needs for cozy winter evenings, but find new homes for any unneeded freeloaders.

The goal: a warm, inviting space with plenty of room for the family!