Challenge Day 15: It's Living Room Week

cleaning grand plan challenge living room week

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 15

It's a new week in the New Year Cleaning Challenge: today, we take on the living room.

In the days ahead, we'll consider how our living room is used, and schedule time to declutter, deep-clean and organize this central gathering spot in our home.

Goal: to create a relaxing, pleasant and beautiful place to enjoy with family and friends.

Today's Assignment:
Living Room Week

It's the room where the family gathers, entertains and relaxes: the living room.

This week in the Cleaning Grand Plan, we'll focus on this central space in our homes. Because living arrangements differ from house to house, we'll consider which activities take place in the living room in our own home.

We'll declutter the area, and consider streamlining or updating decor items. We'll learn more about how to safely clean and care for fine furniture, carpets and flooring. Deep-cleaning from floor to ceiling will bring the living room a new sparkle--and with the final touch, we'll organize the space to best suit the way we use it.

Finally, we'll tune up regular cleaning routines to help keep the freshly-cleaned space in company-ready condition.

Ready? It's Living Room Week in the New Year Cleaning Challenge!

Cleaning Grand Plan - Living Room

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Living Room Cleaning Checklist