Challenge Day 13: Keep Tabs on the Keys

Keep tabs on the keys

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 13

Answer honestly: how many times a week does your family play "hunt the car keys" ... and how late does it make you?

The solution to the problem of missing keys is as simple as a home and a habit.

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, it's time to establish a dedicated home for key rings--and build a habit to make sure you never lose track of them again.

Today's Assignment:
Give Keys a Home ... and a Habit

The humble key ring. It's one of our most intimate and daily-used possessions. We use it to start the car, open doors, shop for groceries and gain admittance to the gym.

So why do the keys go missing so often?

All they're missing is a home, and a habit!

Creating a dedicated spot for your keys, and training yourself to use it, is the secret to never misplacing keys again.

This week, the New Year Cleaning Challenge focus on the entryway makes it a perfect time to craft a home for family key rings.

Consider how best to store your keys when not in use. Whether you install a key rack, hang a cup hook, or simply bang a nail into the wall near the door, give your keys a forever home today.

Preferably, they'll live within grabbing distance of the door, because the habit that will follow is simple: when you come in the house, hang up the keys.

Over the next three weeks, think "hand to hook" whenever you enter the house. If necessary, place a reminder note at eye level on the outside of the door.

By the time the habit is ingrained, the key ring will naturally travel to its home whenever you enter yours.

Simple. No more missing keys!