Challenge Day 12: Clean Out the Coat Closet

clean out the coat closet

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 12

In the Northern Hemisphere, January brings the year's coldest weather--and puts new demands on the family coat closet.

How do you store the family's outerwear during blustery weather?

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, it's time to take a peek inside the coat closet. Is is free from clutter and ready for use?

Today's Assignment:
Clean Out the Coat Closet

Winter weather brings new prominence to outerwear storage. Umbrellas and galoshes, jackets and coats need a good home, especially when they're in daily use.

Today, take a look at the coat closet or outerwear storage area. Can the family prepare to venture outdoors easily?

Make space in the coat closet by removing all outgrown or out-of-style garments, then assess the space with an eye to the family's needs. Do you need storage containers for hats and gloves? Racks for galoshes and boots?

Investigate creative storage solutions. An over-the-door shoe bag corrals pairs of mittens, collapsed umbrellas, scarves and hats without taking room away from hanging storage.

Families with young children empower children to dress themselves when they install a coat rack or coat hooks at child-height near the door.

In wet climates, an umbrella rack or stand keeps rain dribbles contained--and umbrellas at the ready.

Today, fine-tune outerwear storage to make it easy to bundle up for winter in your organized home!