Challenge Day 10: Clean Like A Pro

clean like a pro

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 10

This week's New Year Cleaning Challenge assignment focuses on the entryway or foyer, but for the next 13 weeks, there'll be a whole lot of cleaning going on.

How to make cleaning chores fly? Learn to clean like a pro!

Brushing up on cleaning skills, fine-tuning your cleaning tote, and learning the ropes of efficient cleaning will make Challenge assignments easier.

Today's Assignment:
Take Tips from Professional Cleaners

This week sees us settle into the meat of the New Year Cleaning Challenge. Moving furniture, washing walls and windows, and busting dust in the entryway can be a big job.

To stay the course, you'll want to make cleaning as easy as possible.

To do so, take a tip from the pros. Professional cleaners are masters of easy, efficient cleaning methods. They don't waste time hunting for supplies, re-doing work, or cleaning areas that aren't dirty.

Get our best round-up of tips from professional cleaners to speed your way on the New Year Cleaning Challenge:

Speed-Clean Tips from Cleaning Pros