Challenge Day 9: Set Up a Family Launch Pad

Family Launch Pad

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 9

There you are! Welcome back to the New Year Cleaning Challenge. Today, we're focused on the concept of a launch pad: a tabletop, cubby or shelf area to hold out-the-door stuff like handbags and backpacks, library books and supermarket coupons.

Crucial as the concept is, would you believe I have yet to set up a launch pad in my new home? For months, my launch pad has been in floating mode, moving from site to site as I settle in and learn my way around new surroundings.

Today, I'll honor that function by finding the launch pad a new "forever home"--a convenient and dedicated space to get me out the door.

Will you join me? Take the first step to get organized for a great new year.


Today's Assignment:
Establish a Family Launch Pad

It's not just us that exit the door each morning, it's our stuff!

Briefcases and backpacks, library books and lunch sacks travel with us in and out of the house each day.

Arriving home, these possessions scatter to the winds; in the morning, precious time is wasted rounding them up for another day's use.

If you're playing too many games of "Where's the permission slip?", it's time to consider taming the chaos with a family launch pad.

A simple concept, a family launch pad is a dedicated space for daily traveling companions.

A bookcase or storage cubby, the launch pad is the place to deposit handbags, personal electronics, or projects needed for each day of school or work.

By setting aside storage space near the door for each family member, a launch pad creates a home for these migrant possessions.

Will you add one to your freshly-cleaned entryway? You have only your chaos to lose!

Tame Morning Madness with a Family Launch Pad