Challenge Day 6: Update Address Books

Update Address Books

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 6

Good morning, and welcome back to the New Year's Cleaning Challenge. Today, we're taking one last look at holiday greetings--and considering changes in the lives of those we love.

Along the way, it's a good reminder to consider our own lives at this time of transition. How has the past year brought change into your life?

For me, a new home--fondly known as the Barbie Dream House--was the signal focus for 2018. In the coming year, I think I'll ... settle in.

In the weeks to come, will you put new emphasis on peace, order and renewal in your home? Join me, as I tuck myself into a new, organized home ... and a wonderful new life.


Today's Assignment
Update Address Books

To stay in touch with loved ones throughout the year, now's the time to schedule a post-holiday address book update.

Sit down with planner, smartphone or computer and that big box of holiday greetings. Don't skip the email inbox!

Card by card, check for updates or changes in the lives of friends and family. You may read to your heart's content, but you must make note of new addresses.

As you go, it's a great time to reassess the way you keep this important information. Still scribbling and scrawling in a battered old address book? Perhaps this is the year to move contacts to the smartphone or computer.

Already there on the tech side? Take this time to prune and correct your contacts, adding home addresses to phone numbers and e-mail addresses for a more robust contacts manager.

Note any names whose holiday cards or emails were returned because of an incorrect address. During the year to come, be on the lookout for a new address. Friends are too important to lose for want of correct contact information

Double-check telephone numbers. E-mail addresses make it easy to keep in touch with far-flung friends --- so check and correct them where necessary.

Finally, make note of any changes in the lives of family and friends. A new baby? Add the full name to your address book, and you won't fumble when you ask for family updates next time you chat.