Challenge Day 5: Inventory Cleaning Products

inventory cleaning products

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 5

Cleaning products are your closest ally in the war against grime--but they can be expensive, and their effectiveness can fall all over the map.

What's in your cleaning cupboard? Are your cleaning partners up to the job ahead?

You'll want to choose cleaning products carefully to cut time spent on chores as we work our way through the Cleaning Grand Plan.

Today's Assignment:
Inventory Cleaning Supplies

Deep-cleaning is nobody's idea of a great time, but we've got a lot of it ahead on the New Year Cleaning Challenge.

To make your hard work count, it's time to consider cleaning supplies. Are those bottles and sprayers and cans doing their best for you?

Deep-cleaning chores are different from their everyday clean-up cousins.

Spray-and-wipe solutions work well for surface soil, but won't do the job when it comes to washing walls, cleaning and polishing furniture, or cleaning floors.

Enter our hard-working friends: specialty cleaning products for big jobs. Concentrated products, diluted and applied with cleaning cloth or sponge, make quick work of big jobs.

Even if you never stray from pop-up cleaning wipes for daily cleaning, you'll want to bring on the big guns for the Challenge cleaning assignments ahead.

Surprise! Hard-working cleaning products don't have to be expensive, and many of them are as close as your pantry.

Better, it's not necessary to buy out the cleaning aisle at the local supermarket. A short list of versatile cleaners will mop up most any assignment in the coming weeks.

Today, take inventory of cleaning products in your home.

While all of us will have slightly different challenges, most of us will want to have stocks of these cleaners on hand as we prepare for the New Year Cleaning Challenge:

  • light-duty evaporating cleaner (glass cleaner or multi-surface cleaner)
  • heavy-duty degreasing cleaner
  • tile cleaner
  • powdered abrasive cleanser
  • furniture cleaner (oil soap)
  • furniture polish or wax

If your home includes specialty surfaces, such as stainless steel or marble, add appropriate specialized cleaners to your list.

Interested in making your own green cleaners? Try these recipes for homemade cleaning products:

Pantry Recipes for Homemade Cleaning Products