Challenge Day 4: Banish Those Boxes

holiday mailing box challenge

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 4

For most of us, the holiday season brings a bumper crop ... of boxes!

Stacked and scattered through house, garage and storage areas, they've shipped gifts, contained new toys or encased electronics.

Now they're empty and taking up space; it's only a matter of time before they attract more clutter to join their ranks.

It's time to banish them to clear space in your organized home.

Today's Assignment:
March Mailing Boxes Out The Door

They're Ghosts of Christmas Past, but camouflaged and in disguise: the boxes and containers that came into your home over the holiday season.

Are they loitering in the corners or hanging out in the garage? Time to turf them to reclaim your space!

Recycle Mailing Boxes

Today, recycle mailing boxes left over from Christmas. Remove and salvage packing materials to empty the boxes.

Extra bubble wrap, packing peanuts and foam wrapping will come in handy throughout the year, so bag these items and store them in the wrap and mail center.

Once boxes are empty, use scissors or a box cutter to flatten empty boxes and add to the recycle bin, or drive them to a collection point.

Declutter with a Holiday Mailing Box Challenge

Recycling is a great option, but to supercharge the war on clutter? Take the Holiday Mailing Box Challenge!

Grab one, two or all of the empty mailing boxes floating around your home. Moving room to room, fill each one with items for donation, then deliver the lot to the nearest charity collection area.

Each item you declutter today means one less thing to deal with during the rest of the Challenge. You'll kill two clutter birds with one box!

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