Challenge Day 3: Haul Away the Holidays

Clean up after Christmas

New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 3

Happy New Year! To all my readers, I wish the best of health, happiness and home organization as we open 2019. How will you celebrate today?

I'll be traveling to a special retreat to celebrate the holiday: a "writers hotel" on the Oregon coast. Tucked up in a wing chair in the Herbert Melville room, I'll watch the fire, smell the sea ... and ponder the challenges and joys I'll encounter in 2019.

Most of all, I'll use this time to think about the coming year. Do you make resolutions, set goals or establish a focus for each new year?

Instead of resolutions, I've chosen to claim a word for 2019: resilience. To celebrate the New Year, I'll ponder ways to be more resilient in my health, my habits and my happiness.

Today, I'll take time to dream ... of a happy new year in a clean and organized home. What about you? How will you celebrate this New Year's Day?

--Cynthia Ewer

Today's Assignment:
Plan to Pack Away Christmas

If you haven't done so already, this week is the time to take down the tree, store holiday decorations, and tuck away the season for another year.

Today, schedule time during the week for a holiday tear-down. You'll want to kick off the Cleaning Challenge without the extra burden of seasonal decorations!

But even if you've already stored holiday decor, Ghosts of Christmas Past can still roam the house. Whether it's holiday linens in the laundry room, overlooked decorations, or clearance-aisle purchases for next year, do you have a plan for holiday stragglers?

Here's a simple solution to ensure that these last few items find a good home, fast--so they'll be easy to find next year:

Seasonal Storage Tip: Make a Holiday Stragglers Box

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