Christmas Countdown Day 30: Begin Planning Holiday Decor

Christmas Countdown Day 30: Begin Planning Holiday Decor

November 22, 2021

Putting up holiday decorations, it pays to have a plan. Plan decor room-by-room before you decorate.

Printable holiday decor planner

There's something special about a holiday house!

This weekend sees a long standing Thanksgiving tradition: on Black Friday, I will scour the storage room, drag out the boxes, and begin decorating for Christmas. 

Lighted garlands, fresh poinsettias, bright bows will change the entire feeling of my home. That evening, I'll cuddle little Fraser, my West Highland White Terrier, and admire my new, newly decorated domain.

Best of all, the feeling will last for days. Each evening, I'll circle the house, plugging in lights and flipping switches. I'll pause by the "travel tree", a small artificial tree holding all the ornaments and keepsakes collected on trips around the world. 

I'll smile at "The Wise Santa", and remember the wonderful afternoon when my 16-year-old daughter and I constructed him from batting and fabric and tiny toys. 

Are you enjoying the holidays yet? It's Thanksgiving week, and time to switch out of stress mode and into a state of childlike appreciation. 

And if you're not there yet? Borrow a child! He or she will show you the way, marveling over each new manifestation of the coming holidays.

Where to begin? Right here at home. Let your home spark every sense with holiday feeling as we move closer ... to an organized Christmas!

To Do Today

Stop!  Wait!  Before you unload a single tote, it pays to have a plan when decorating for the holiday season.  Hint:  knowing where the boxes go makes it easier--and quicker--to bring the season home.

To keep the process organized, start with a planner: a simple list to organize holiday decorations for each room.  

Room-by-Room Decor Planner