Christmas Countdown

Count down to an organized Christmas, with this six-week holiday get-organized plan.  Working week-by-week, we'll prepare for the holiday season together.  Includes free printable Christmas planner!

Give thanks

Christmas Countdown Day 33: Give Thanks

We are thankful! Today, America celebrates faith, family, feasting and football. It's the purest of our holidays: a day set aside to be grateful.

Gratitude is an attitude. Psychologists have proved that Pollyanna was right: counting your blessings creates a blessed heart. Those who are grateful weather life's minor storms more easily.

So be thankful, America! 

November 26, 2020
Prepare for Thanksgiving

Christmas Countdown Day 32: Prepare for Thanksgiving

In the USA, we're preparing for Thanksgiving--and in 2020, this day will be a celebration unlike any other in memory.  With a looming public health crisis, families must celebrate differently this year.

But we will celebrate ... and we will be thankful.  Singly or in twos, gathered at a distance or via technology, we will reflect on our blessings and celebrate our abundance.

Happy Thanksgiving, America ... and the world.  

November 25, 2020
Printable holiday decor planner

Christmas Countdown Day 30: Begin Planning Holiday Decor

There's something special about a holiday house!

This weekend sees a long standing Thanksgiving tradition: on Black Friday, I will scour the storage room, drag out the boxes, and begin decorating for Christmas. 

Lighted garlands, fresh poinsettias, bright bows will change the entire feeling of my home. That evening, I'll cuddle little Fraser, my West Highland White Terrier, and admire my new, newly decorated domain.

November 23, 2020
Plan holiday baking

Christmas Countdown Day 27: Plan Holiday Baking

Dreaming of holiday baking? For many of us, kitchen creations are integral to the holiday spirit. 

We love the feeling of family connection as we tuck pie crust into grandmother's pie dish, or when we follow a candy recipe written in a great-grandmother's spidery hand.

But when is enough enough? It's too easy to take on more baking than we can handle!

November 20, 2020
Clean out the refrigerator

Christmas Countdown Day 26: Clean Out the Refrigerator

Brace yourselves! Holiday cooking season is upon us. 

From now until after the New Year, busy kitchens are the norm, like it or not. 

What better time for a quick refrigerator declutter? Clearing the decks in the big cold box will make room for holiday dishes--and a clean and gleaming refrigerator will energize the holiday cook in the days ahead.

Spray bottles ready? It's time to clean out the refrigerator.

November 19, 2020
Clean out the freezer

Christmas Countdown Day 25: Clean Out The Freezer

The secret to a streamlined kitchen during the holiday season? A well-stocked, organized freezer! 

Holding made-ahead entrees, side dishes, cookies and desserts, the freezer is a hard-working Santa's Elf for an organized Christmas. Christmas cookie trays or gift baskets are easy to assemble from frozen assets, while stockpiled family dinners cut out straight to the "what's for dinner" chase during December's busy nights. 

November 18, 2020
Thanksgiving planner

Christmas Countdown Day 23: Plan Holiday Meals

Holidays ahead ... and that means the feast is on us! Will you be ready to make memorable holiday meals?

Even experienced cooks can quail at the idea of cooking a holiday meal. Who hasn't run out of butter, curdled the gravy, or found themselves holding back an entire meal while waiting for one last item to finish cooking?

Not this year! The secrets to stress-free holiday meal preparation? Planning--and sharing the work!

November 16, 2020