Christmas Countdown

Count down to an organized Christmas, with this six-week holiday get-organized plan.  Working week-by-week, we'll prepare for the holiday season together.  Includes free printable Christmas planner!

Christmas Countdown Day 42: Holidays Ahead!
Christmas Countdown 2020
Cynthia Ewer December 5, 2020

We did it! Time to look ahead to the holiday season ... because it's here! 

For the past six weeks, we've been preparing for Christmas together. We've assembled a Christmas planner, organized gifts and giving, and conquered holiday chaos in the kitchen. Each day, we've pondered new innovations and old traditions, moving ever closer to our goal: a serene, joyous holiday season.

Christmas Countdown Day 41: Wrap Up Preparations
Preparing for Christmas
Cynthia Ewer December 4, 2020

We're nearly there!  December is here, and we're ready to wrap up the last few chores, and prepare to celebrate.

Today, look over lists, planners and inventory pages.  Are you ready?  Assess gift lists, check mailing dates, and look ahead to holiday menus.

It's time to finish up the preparations, and open the door to the holiday season.  

Christmas Countdown Day 40: Focus on Traditions
Family traditions grow and change
Cynthia Ewer December 3, 2020

Christmas. For many of us, our picture of this holiday is a static one: we've "always" done this or we "always" do that. 

Indeed, that idea of tradition and stability and connection is one of the deepest and most meaningful themes of the holiday!

Christmas Countdown Day 39: Teaching Children to Give
Teach Children To Give
Cynthia Ewer December 2, 2020

Today's guest editor, Cub Reporter Perry Bear, takes on a ticklish parenting dilemma. 

How do you teach children to give during a holiday focused on receiving? 

Today's essay focuses on how to model and teach giving during the season.

Perry has a suggestion, too, which is not so bad for a little teddy bear!

Christmas Countdown Day 38: Make Room for New Toys
organize children's toys before Christmas
Cynthia Ewer December 1, 2020

Santa's coming ... will there be room to store new toys? 

Adding Santa's bounty to overstuffed kids' rooms is a recipe for January clutter disaster--and don't even try to tell this Nana to scale back on presents for the grandchildren. Bah, humbug!

About this time of year, it's a good idea to contemplate the toy situation in your child's room.

Christmas Countdown Day 37: Simplify Holiday Traditions
Simplify holiday traditions
Cynthia Ewer November 30, 2020

Here at the brink of the season, many of us find ourselves gasping for breath. Where did the time go--and are we ready?

Right about now, take a moment to consider your family's holiday traditions. Do they still fit, or have you outgrown them? Will each celebration add joy--or stress--to the season's celebrations?

Christmas Countdown Day 36: Celebrate Week
Celebrate week assignments
Cynthia Ewer November 29, 2020

We're in the home stretch! It's Celebrate Week at the Christmas Countdown, a time to tidy up our preparations and shift gears into full holiday mode.oday! 

This week, we'll complete and mail Christmas cards, finalize gift-buying and gift-making, and plan any holiday gatherings. 

Christmas Countdown Day 35: Catch-Up Weekend
Catch up to Countdown tasks
Cynthia Ewer November 28, 2020

It's coming, it's really coming ... it's here? Oh, NO! The Saturday after Thanksgiving can be a time of flagging motivation. How is it that, despite cooking for three solid days, the leftovers give out less than 48 hours after the Thanksgiving feast?

Christmas Countdown Day 34: Record Holiday Memories
Print a holiday memories journal
Cynthia Ewer November 27, 2020

Who says holiday traditions have to be "sweet"? Thinking about Christmas trees, I can't help but laugh at my childhood memories.