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Get organized for sewing, quilting, scrapbooking, rubber stamping and papercrafts!

Sew Organized: Books to Organize Sewing and Crafts

Planning your sewing and crafts space?  These books on setting up an organized sewing space tell you everything you need to know to put it all back--and make it work!

[amazon 0806904968 thumbnail]

[amazon 0806904968 inline] by Myrna Giesbrecht

Design-oriented, hands-on and loaded with ideas, this book is a top-notch guide to setting up a sewing area or sewing room.   Read More >>

Cool Tie: Beat The Heat With This Simple Sewing Project

Beat summer's heat with an easy-to-sew cool tie! This bright cotton neckerchief has a summer secret: a filling of water-absorbing polymer granules from the garden center.

Soaked in water, the cool tie's polymer granules absorb more than 200% their weight in water. Tied around the neck or worn as a headband, a cool tie provides all-day cool relief through evaporation.

The cool tie is simple to sew, requiring only a straight-stitch sewing machine. It's lightweight and unbreakable--perfect for gifts or to include in care packages for our troops. This Marine Mom recommends it!   Read More >>