Kitchen Tips

A clean and organized kitchen. Dinner on the table. Supermarket savings. Get it all with these kitchen tips for your organized home.

Declutter the Winter Fridge

She's been there, done that and worn the Santa hat: blogger Serious Eats juggles the overstuffed holiday refrigerator with this guide for a winter fridge declutter.

With produce storage suggestions and a bright-line guide to using the crisper, get great tips to make space in the seasonal kitchen:

Unclutter Your Winter Fridge

Once you've cut the clutter, organize the Great White Whale for the New Year ahead:

New Year In The Kitchen: Clean Out The Refrigerator


Save Money: Great Guide to Bulk Buying

Thinking of putting the pantry principle to work in your organized home? Then you know that buying in bulk saves money, time and needless trips to the supermarket.

Between the lower unit cost for bulk-bought food and consumables, and the time-saving aspect of fewer trips to the store, organizing a pantry makes sense--and cents.

If you're considering cutting the food budget by building a working pantry, here's a great "get started" article from (via blogger WiseBread):

Bulk Buying 101

We've got help, too! Check out this guide to beginning, organizing and maintaining a pantry:

Organized Pantry: A Beginner's Guide to Pantry Pride


35 New Uses for Zipper Food Storage Bags

They're handy kitchen helpers, but can do so much more to organize life at home: zipper food storage bags!

Check in with blogger The Optimized Life for a list of 25 unusual uses for food storage bags. We liked this one:

"Turn a Ziploc bag into a pastry bag by snipping off a tiny corner. This allows you to frost a cake without any special tools.

Along the same lines, we'd add using a food storage bag to fill devilled eggs. Spoon the filling into the bag, snip a slightly larger corner, and heap the filling high! When finished, toss the bag for easy clean-up.

25 Uses For Ziploc Bags weighs in with ten more unusual uses for zipper food storage bags:

10 New Uses for Ziploc Bags