Housework Hacks

How do you make your household hum .... smoothly? Try some housework hacks: household tips for family cooperation, chore charts, home management and green living.

Family Mailboxes: The Launch Pad Goes Luxe!

Here at Organized Home, we love the concept of the family launch pad: a dedicated space for each family member to hold and organize everything needed to leave the house for work, school or errands.

Blogger The Abundant Life has a new and pretty take on the concept: family mailboxes. Simple wall-mounted containers for each family member are given a decor-worthy twist with personalized photos--and are a great way to keep paperwork and reminders organized and ready for use.

We like the teamwork-friendly aspects; cleaning chore lists and phone messages find a home, while coloring pages and occasional treats make checking the mailbox fun!

Get Organized With Family Mailboxes

family mailboxes


Chore Wars? Organize Chores Online!

chore busterHas the family drawn battle lines over housework in your home? Chill the chore wars in your home with Chore Buster, a free online service to organize household chores.

The premise is simple: enter people and enter chores in the easy online interface. Rate each chore for difficulty and desirability, and note how often it needs to be performed.

Chore Buster will generate fair, balanced chore lists for every member of the home, and e-mail them to you daily or weekly.