New Year Cleaning Challenge

It's a New Year and you're looking for a fresh start? Take the New Year Cleaning Challenge, and welcome Spring to a clean and organized home.

Catch up to daily messages here, at the Cleaning Challenge Home. With printable checklists and reminder messages, you'll stay on-track as you deep-clean, toss clutter, and organize each room or area of the home.

Ready? Let's work together to live clean and serene in the New Year!

Cleaning Challenge Day 85: Front Porch Week

It's the place where your home makes a first impression: the front porch.

Whether you have a small apartment landing or wrap-around farmhouse porch, this is the week to declutter, clean and organize the entry area to your home.

It's a last "cherry on the cake" assignment at the Cleaning Grand Plan: putting the finishing touch on the hard work of the last 12 weeks creating a lovely entrance area.

Ready? It's Front Porch Week in the Cleaning Grand Plan!

Cleaning Challenge Day 84: Garage/Storage Week Wrap-Up

garage storage week wrap-up

Did you get going in the garage this week? The Cleaning Challenge took on garage storage areas to prepare for warmer weather.

Today, take the last steps to bring the garage to a state of clean and orderly..

Tomorrow, the New Year Cleaning Challenge enters our final week, focusing on the doorway to your home: the front porch.

Today's Assignment:Wrap Up Attic/Storage Week

This week, we've taken aim on clutter and disorganization in garage storage areas. Goal: make room for the car!

Cleaning Challenge Day 83: Plan A Garage Sale

yard sale tips

Need to clear some space and score some cash? Hold a garage sale!

The yard sale is a traditional rite of Spring, and has many advantages. Holding one can be a good incentive to cut clutter and create space in storage areas. Turning trash into cash is an added incentive!

As we near the end of the Cleaning Challenge, consider holding a yard sale to rid your house of unneeded items.

To keep things organized, try this complete garage sale guide, printable garage sale checklist and yard sale signs:

Cleaning Challenge Day 82: Take Stock of Sporting Goods

organize sporting goods

Spring is here ... and sports season is upon us. From baseball bats to bicycles, golf bags to basketballs, sporting goods take center stage in the garage.

Today in the Cleaning Challenge, it's time to cut clutter and bring order to storage spaces devoted to sporting goods.

Look over the family's sports equipment, culling worn-out or outgrown items. Need replacements? Add them to the shopping list.

Finally, reach for efficient storage solutions. Specialty organizers, while pricey, can keep equipment at the ready for active summer fun.

Cleaning Challenge Day 81: Declutter Summer Toys

declutter summer toys

Summer toys, like the summer season, are ephemeral: they're not made to last forever.

When spring arrives, it's easy to spot the weary survivors of the previous year. Deflated beach balls and leaking air mattresses. Faded pool noodles pocked with crumbling craters. Stopper-less squirt guns and dried-out bubble solution. A solitary swim fin, mourning for its lost mate.

Time for a swift declutter session!

Cleaning Challenge Day 80: Brainstorm Garage Storage Ideas

garage storage ideas

While kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms usually include built-in storage options, your average garage is just a big white box.

Where will you stow your stuff?

There's no "one size fits all" solution to garage storage, but the good news? Clever storage solutions abound!

Today, review your list of garage centers, then hit a big box store (or the organizer's darling, Pinterest!) to brainstorm storage ideas for your organized garage.

Cleaning Challenge Day 79: Identify Garage Activity Centers

organize the garage

Looking at your garage, what do you see? Chances are, it's a mess.

When it comes to the garage, all bets are off, even in the most organized home. An open space but out of sight, it's easy for the garage to become choked and cluttered to the point that it can no longer support its intended purpose: to house automobiles.