New Year Cleaning Challenge

It's a New Year and you're looking for a fresh start? Take the New Year Cleaning Challenge, and welcome Spring to a clean and organized home.

Catch up to daily messages here, at the Cleaning Challenge Home. With printable checklists and reminder messages, you'll stay on-track as you deep-clean, toss clutter, and organize each room or area of the home.

Ready? Let's work together to live clean and serene in the New Year!

Cleaning Challenge Day 57: Guest/Bonus Room Week

cleaning challenge guest bonus room

We're bringing on the bonuses this week in the New Year Cleaning Challenge: during Guest Room Week, we'll take on those extra, custom spaces in your organized home.

Do you have a dedicated guest room? Then this week, you'll de-clutter, deep-clean and organize the room or space.

More likely, your household has some spaces that don't quite fit the Cleaning Grand Plan. Whether it's a crafts studio or home office, this week we're bringing order to these unique and custom spaces.

Cleaning Challenge Day 56: Master Bedroom Week Wrap-Up

clean master bedroom

We've moved into the master bedroom this week, working to make the room a refuge of rest. Time for a weekend wrap-up!

Today, take the last steps to clean, declutter and organize the master bedroom and bedroom closet.

Tomorrow, the New Year Cleaning Challenge tackles the guest room or bonus room. We'll catch up and review our progress toward a clean and organized home!

Cleaning Challenge Day 55: Check and Organize Bedding

cut clutter in the master bedroom

It's the perfect end to a busy day: sinking into smooth, soft bed linens for a restful night's sleep.

As we near the end of Master Bedroom Week, it's time to assess the state of the bedding. Is it lush and comfortable, or bumpy and worn?

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, make a quick check of bed linens. Will you need to refresh pillows or sheets for a good night's sleep? Then organize the linen storage area to ensure that bed linens are easy to find when you need them.

Cleaning Challenge Day 54: Declutter the Clothes Closet

cut clutter in the closet

Spring is on the way (even if Winter is still raging in your area!); will you be ready to dress for warmer weather?

During Master Bedroom week, it's time to clean out the clothes closet, but many of us dread the chore.

Take heart! Today's assignment shares some easy ways to cut clutter in the clothes closet, and organize the survivors, too.

Ready? We're headed to the clothes closet in the New Year Cleaning Challenge!

Cleaning Challenge Day 53: Below-The-Bed Storage Solutions

bedroom storage solution

The average bedroom has more stuff than space. If you're short on storage options, how do you keep belongings organized?

Tap the space under the bed! The area below the mattress and box springs is a natural for additional storage in the master bedroom.

To make the most of this hidden storage solution, try these ideas to make good use of below-the-bed real estate in your organized home.

Cleaning Challenge Day 52: Defeat Dust Mites

fight dust mites in the bedroom

They swarm in our homes, making life miserable for the allergic: dust mites! Living in bedding, carpet and floating in house dust, dust mites and their droppings are unwelcome companions in any home.

Our bedrooms are prime hangouts for these microscopic pests. How to keep them in check?

Try these tips to show dust mites the door in your organized home, with today's New Year Cleaning Challenge assignment.

Cleaning Challenge Day 51: Bedroom Identity Crisis

bedroom activity centers

Is your bedroom suffering from an identity crisis?

Designed to be a place for rest, renewal, and private communications, the master bedroom can lose its way when burdened with too many outside activities.

Whether it's exercise equipment, out-of-place storage, paper piles or video game clutter, today's the day to bring the bedroom back to its intended purpose. Clear it out today, in the New Year Cleaning Challenge!