New Year Cleaning Challenge

It's a New Year and you're looking for a fresh start? Take the New Year Cleaning Challenge, and welcome Spring to a clean and organized home.

Catch up to daily messages here, at the Cleaning Challenge Home. With printable checklists and reminder messages, you'll stay on-track as you deep-clean, toss clutter, and organize each room or area of the home.

Ready? Let's work together to live clean and serene in the New Year!

New Year Cleaning Challenge: It's Bathroom Week!

clean and organize the bathroom

It's a new week in the New Year Cleaning Challenge: we're headed to the bathrooms to bring them to a new level of order.

It's where we shower and shave, primp and prepare for the day. Are your bathrooms up to the job?

We'll tackle clutter, create a new level of clean, and organize bathroom storage this week in the New Year Cleaning Challenge.

New Year Cleaning Challenge: Family Room Week Wrap-Up

clean and organized family room

This week, we've worked on the household's gathering space: the family room. Time for a weekend wrap-up!

Today, take the last steps to clean, declutter and organize the family room.

Tomorrow, we'll tackle family bathrooms in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, bringing these personal care areas to a squeaky clean state.

New Year Cleaning Challenge: Coping with Children's Toys

organize toys

They're colorful, cute ... and scattered everywhere! Are children's toys taking over shared space in your family room?

With tiny pieces and a tendency to stray, children's playthings can create instant clutter in multi-use spaces. How to calm the chaos caused by children's toys?

To tame the toy monster, try these ideas for routines and storage to make peace with children's toys, in today's New Year Cleaning Challenge assignment.

New Year Cleaning Challenge: Manage Magazine Clutter

organize magazines

Surveying the family room, do you find mounds of magazines ... everywhere?

Periodicals like magazines and newsletters are great fun to browse, but have a marked propensity to descend into clutter, and that right quickly.

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, try these tips to get a grip on magazine clutter in your organized home.

Cleaning Challenge Day 38: Turf Old Entertainment Technology

declutter home entertainment

In recent decades, entertainment technology has changed at a rapid pace.

Does your family room contain successive layers of old technology? In an age of streaming media, it's time to release the jumble of outdated entertainment formats.

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, we'll consider ideas to turf the "old tech" clutter from family room shelves.

New Year Cleaning Challenge: Clever Containment Ideas

clutter container

Hardworking multi-purpose areas like the family room benefit from a core principle of clutter control: containment.

Heading clutter into containers makes sense in a shared space like the family room. Using open containers to group and store stray objects keeps order in a busy space.

Consider ideas for clutter containment today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge.