Freezer Cooking

Cook once, eat for a month? Yes, you can with articles and recipes for once-a-month cooking, investment cooking or freezer cooking.

Whether you call it OAMC (for Once-A-Month Cooking), investment cooking or feed-the-freezer cooking, freezer meals conquer dinner-hour chaos. Learn how to plan freezer cooking menus, hold a freezer cooking session, and get great family-tested freezer recipes.

Freezer Cooking Guide: How To Cook Once, Eat For A Month

Are you ready to cook once, eat for a month? Time to try freezer cooking!

The concept of freezer cooking goes by many names. Once-a-month cooking. Frozen assets. OAMC. Meal assembly. Each describes the practice of assembling partially-prepared entrees in bulk for freezer storage.

Made in multiple and needing only reheating or final preparations, freezer meals are an easy way to feed the family fast ... and cheap.

Because you make several meals at once, economies of scale speed cooking chores. Buying in bulk saves money. Home preparation fosters better nutrition.

Recipes for Freezer Cooking

OAMC recipes for freezer cooking

So, what do you eat if you're trying freezer cooking?

Take heart! Many favorite recipes adapt well to freezer cooking--and it's not all casseroles and lasagne.

These family recipes have been specially adapted for freezer cooking. They include a range of entrees, side dishes and desserts.

Freezer Cooking FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

freezer cooking

If you're new to the idea of freezer cooking, lots of questions can arise.

What is freezer cooking--and how do you do it? Can you really cook for an entire month in just one day? Don't you have to use specific recipes?

Check the entries below for answers to your questions about freezer cooking ... then get ready to stock your freezer to save time and money!

Using Computer Software To Speed Freezer Cooking

Computers and cookbooks are a tasty combination!

Today's cooking software programs or cookbook apps make meal planning--even planning once for a month's worth of dinner entrees--nearly effortless.

Recipe junkies are in food heaven as the Internet shares thousands of recipes available for the downloading.

Improved import-export capabilities permit capture of recipes from on-line services or text files; software menu plan and shopping list functions spell an end to tedious hours of list-making.

Get Started: Planning A Freezer Cooking Session

Successful freezer cooking doesn't just happen: it starts with a plan.

Knowing what you'll do, the order you'll do it, and the ingredients you'll need are basic to the practice of freezer cooking.

To start, you'll create a freezer cooking plan. It's your road map to an easy, efficient freezer cooking session.

Find a large table, spread out and get comfortable! Planning your freezer cooking session should be fun.