Gingerbread House Recipes

Gingerbread House Dough

Light up your holiday table with a gingerbread house. Fun craft for kids, made easier with squeeze bottles and microwave bark coating!

Tips for success: forget everything you know about cookies when baking a gingerbread house. This recipe creates a tough dough that bakes into firm building pieces. No leavening agent is added, so that pieces will not rise or deform while baking. Yes, it's edible--but it won't taste like a good cookie!

Bake gingerbread house pieces the day before assembly, to allow them to cool and stiffen overnight.

Graham Cracker Mini-Houses

Simple, no-bake Graham Cracker Mini-Houses are a sweet holiday treat. Use them as place cards for holiday meals, or hang them as ornaments on the Christmas tree.

Decorations are applied while pieces are flat, then pieces are assembled with melted bark coating in a plastic squeeze bottle.

While an adult should trim the graham cracker sections, decorating and assembling is easy enough for kids.

Makes 10 - 20 houses, depending on breakage and number of crackers.