Get Organized

Once clutter is banished, it's time to get organized! Robust routines and supportive spaces are the keystone of an organized home.

Whether you'll find new uses for organizing products, look for creative storage solutions, or consider ways to live more efficiently, these hints and tips will help you get organized around the house.

Stay Focused With Checklists

Tackling household chores, it's easy to become distracted. Keep your focus--and finish the job faster--with a simple checklist. You'll build motivation as you check off each item--and keep yourself from drifting off-task. The fun ... is getting to done!

Getting Organized? Minutes Matter!

Tapping tiny slices of time can make an oversized contribution to clearing the to-do list. Grab small increments of waiting time to knock off small must-do items. Fold laundry during television commercials or address a greeting card while waiting to leave for an event.

Household Issue? Tackle It With A Tote

Plastic tool totes are timesaving partners in any organized home. Whether it's cleaning, gardening, mending or minor household repairs, tap a tote to store and transport tools and equipment needed for common tasks. Put-away is as simple as stashing the tote after the job is done.

What's In A Name?

Considering an organizer? Ignore the name! Kitchen flatware organizers work just as well in bedroom and bathroom to organize cosmetics, accessories or socks.

Save on Organizers: Look Past The Label

Buying organizers? Look past the label for flexibility and big savings. Kitchen drawer dividers work in bathrooms, too, and cost less. Hardware stores sell small-parts organizers nearly identical to those sold in crafts stores, but at a fraction of the price. Don't pay extra for that pretty pink color!

Storage Solution: Clear Containers

Whenever possible, choose clear or see-through storage containers. One glance will tell you what's inside, boosting their organizing power. Inside, where possible, store items vertically. Taking a tip from the file folder concept means you can spot the sweater you need at a glance.