Get Organized

Once clutter is banished, it's time to get organized! Robust routines and supportive spaces are the keystone of an organized home.

Whether you'll find new uses for organizing products, look for creative storage solutions, or consider ways to live more efficiently, these hints and tips will help you get organized around the house.

Simplify Errand Day With An Errand Notebook

The planner principle works for errands, too! In a small, purse-sized notebook, jot down errands as they occur to you. Tuck any needed items--coupons, gift certificates, paint chips, DVD returns--to the notebook with a binder clip. Check the notebook as you go to knock off errands in record time.

Storage Tip: Hip To Be Square

Buying storage containers? Reach for square or rectangular shapes, rather than round ones. From food storage to laundry baskets, square shapes stack better and store more contents in the same footprint. It's hip to be square!

Insurance Policy: Wallet, Meet Scanner

Bounce back from the pain of a lost or stolen wallet: make a quick scan of wallet contents. Lay credit cards face down on the scanner to create a reference record in case of loss. Kept in the safe (or safety deposit box); you'll know at a glance what was in your missing wallet.