Clean House

clean house hints and tips

Make quick work of house cleaning with these squeaky-clean hints and tips!

Speed your cleaning, boost your cleaning power, and get shortcuts for using cleaning tools with these tips for a clean house.

Speed Cleaning with Microfiber Magic

Microfiber cleaning cloths have specially-engineered fibers that grab dirt and pull it from surfaces in record time ... without scratching! Most surfaces in your home are microfiber-friendly, so replace cleaning rags or paper towels with a supply of washable microfiber cloths to speed cleaning and simplify your cleaning tote.

Shower House Plants With Love

To clean dusty house plants with ease, tie a plastic bag up and over the pot, securing it tightly around the base of the plant. Place the plant in the shower, and allow water to run over leaves for a few minutes. Allow to air-dry, remove the bag and admire your shining plant!

Simplify Cleaning Products ... and Save!

A dizzying number of cleaning solutions sit on store shelves, hoping to convince shoppers that they need a different product for every room. Hogwash! If your cleaning tote contains an evaporative cleaner (like Windex-brand), a disinfecting degreaser and a tile/toilet cleaner, you're covered for most household cleaning chores... whatever the label may say. Simplify cleaning solutions to save!

Give The Cleanser A Hand (or a Glove!)

Powdered kitchen cleanser is a cleaner's best friend, but it has the irritating habit of tipping and spilling cleanser when being stored or toted. Give the cleanser a hand--and keep it where it belongs--by stretching a worn-out rubber glove over the top of the canister when not in use. Keep cleanser in its place!