Cut Clutter in the Bathroom: Easy as A-B-C!

cut bathroom clutter

Sinking bathroom clutter

Assuming a cross-legged position on the floor, the declutterer turns to her spouse's under sink area. Almost empty! Extra tissue boxes are stacked in one corner, next to a mega-pack of soap.

Only item requiring any discretion? A small box of old decorative items from another house's master bathroom. No thought required here. Donate them to someone with a green and yellow bathroom, and move on.

Her under sink area, by contrast, is a solid mass of stuff. Gallon jug of white vinegar for hair rinse--that's a "A", so push it to the side. Ditto the sprayer bottle of Clean Shower. Imagine! Nobody's cleaned that shower area since January, and it still looks great. Clean Shower bottle receives a fond little pat on its sprayer handle.

What else? Huge warehouse store box of feminine hygiene products. Hmmm. These should be stored in the commode area, where they're needed. Toss 'em into Put Away Box.

More evidence of hair equipment obsession. Another curling iron and a never-used set of "molecular curlers"? Our declutterer wavers. The curlers are four years old and never been used. Some Goodwill customer would be happy to have them. The wavering continues. What if they work the way the infomercial promised? Yes, but you've had them four years and never bothered to find out.

Match point occurs when our declutterer remembers that Dr. Weil recommends avoiding electromagnetic pollutants of this type. "Hmmm," thinks our declutterer, "I wonder what he'd say about the molecular part?" Out! Out! Into the Garage Sale/Donate box it goes!

Energies are flagging, but the end is in sight. Ferreting out old, half-empty bottles of hair products, a dust standard is used to sort them. Dust=outta here. Used within the last 6 months, the bottle earns a place at the back of the "C" shelf under the sink. Stray bars of soap go straight to the storage area in his under-sink compartment. Vinegar jug and Clean Shower sprayer, "A" products, have pride of place at the front of the cabinet.

Put away, pat back!

Turning to Clutter Central, the Put Away box heads into the guest bathroom, where an impressive assortment of hotel bottles now awaits the household's next guest. Jewelry is returned to the jewelry box, the few kitchen spoons and such delivered downstairs.

The Garbage Bag Grim Reaper goes straight to the garbage can without a second look.

Donated items are placed in the "To Goodwill" section of the garage, declutter boxes are collected and stashed for next time, the planner returned to the desk and the notepad returns to its friend, the telephone.

Decluttered! For a Master Bathroom, it's as easy as A, B, C!