2015 New Year Cleaning Challenge

new year cleaning challenge

Christmas has come and gone ... and left a mess behind. Looking around, you wonder how you'll ever dig out in time for Spring!

Solution? Take the Challenge!

Roar into the New Year and clean house fast with the New Year Cleaning Grand Plan Challenge from OrganizedHome.Com.

Based on Katie Leckey's Cleaning Grand Plan, Cleaning Grand Plan Challenge kicks off the new year with a 14-week plan to clean and organize a spring-clean house for the New Year.

Working in small weekly bites makes a big job easy, while printable checklists help organize and track cleaning chores. By Spring, you'll be ready to open the doors to warmer weather.

The 2014 Cleaning Grand Plan Challenge begins on Sunday, January 12, with a preview week for lists, questions, and putting the holidays to bed starting on January 5.

Each week, we'll work through a different area of the home, deep-cleaning and organizing the space for a new, fresh feeling.

Deep-cleaning the entire house is a big job! To begin, read the complete plan here, or use the week-by-week links below to view each week's assignment.

Plan and track your progress with printable cleaning checklists from the OrganizedHome.com Printable Library.

To keep you on-track, we'll remind you of each week's assignment on the Web, and via our Facebook and Twitter feeds. To receive daily updates from Google's Feedburner service, use this link to subscribe to 2014 New Year's Cleaning Challenge by e-mail.

Finally, it's more fun to follow the Cleaning Grand Plan Challenge with a team, so check in for the challenge at our 2014 Cleaning Grand Plan Challenge Facebook page. With links to weekly assignments, daily messages and printables, it's Challenge Central as we work together toward a clean and organized home.

Ready? Set? Let's clean house for the new year!

Get the 2014 Challenge calendars:

2014 Cleaning Grand Plan Challenge




January 5

Preview Week (Make lists, gather tools, and put the holidays to bed!)

Print Checklists and Calendars

January 11


Entry/Foyer Checklist

January 19

Living Room

Living Room Checklist

January 26

Kitchen and Pantry

Kitchen Checklist

February 2

Dining Room

Dining Room Checklist

February 9

Family Room

Family Room Checklist

February 16


Master Bath Checklist

February 23

Master Bedroom

Bedroom Checklist

March 2

Guest Room or Bonus Room

Guest Room Checklist

March 9

Kids' Rooms

Kids' Room Checklist

March 16


Attic/Storage Checklist

March 23


Garage/Storage Checklist

March 30

Front Porch

Front Porch Checklist

April 6

Finish-Up Week!

Finish-Up Checklist

Adapted from the Cleaning Grand Plan Copyright © 1991- 2014 by Katie Leckey. Reprinted with permission.

2014 Challenge Calendar 1
2014 Challenge Calendar 2