New Year Cleaning Challenge Index

It's a New Year and you're looking for a fresh start? Take the New Year Cleaning Challenge, and welcome Spring to a clean and organized home.

Catch up to daily messages here, at the Cleaning Challenge Home. With printable checklists and reminder messages, you'll stay on-track as you deep-clean, toss clutter, and organize each room or area of the home.

Ready? Let's work together to live clean and serene in the New Year!

Today's Challenge: Clear Kitchen Countertops

clear kitchen counters

The old real estate maxim works for kitchens, too: "location, location, location!" What's taken up residence on your kitchen counters?

In the kitchen, countertop space represents the room's most prestigious--and hardest-working--real estate address. Is your cooking space clean and lean--or crammed and cluttered?

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, we'll clear kitchen countertops, applying a simple A-B-C method to make zoning decisions for appliances, decor and storage.   Read More >>

Challenge Day 23: Cut Clutter in the Kitchen

cut clutter in the kitchen

When we dream of an ideal kitchen, the room we visualize is usually spare, clean and serene.

But when we open our eyes to reality, we're faced with a basic truth: the kitchen has an amazing ability to attract clutter.

Even after out-of-place items are rounded up and given new homes, we remain faced with hard-core kitchen clutter.   Read More >>

Challenge Day 22: Kitchen Week

Cleaning Challenge Kitchen Week

It's a new week in the New Year Cleaning Challenge: kitchen and pantry take center stage during Kitchen Week.

In the days ahead, we'll declutter, deep-clean and organize the kitchen, and brush up our pantry power in food storage areas.

Menu and meal planning basics round out the week in the New Year Cleaning Challenge.

Ready? Let's get cooking!  

Challenge Day 21: Living Room Week Wrap-Up

Living Room Week Wrap-Up

Living Room Week is drawing to a close; time for a weekend wrap-up!

Today, take the last steps to clean, declutter and organize the living room.

Looking ahead, the New Year Cleaning Challenge moves into the kitchen and pantry.

Time to get organized in food preparation and storage areas? Join us tomorrow for Kitchen Week!   Read More >>

Challenge Day 20: Making Sense of Household Scents

living room scent

Standing on the threshold, the living room is lovely to look at, clean and organized. Soft sofa, attractive artwork, pleasant lighting all beckon.

But the nose wrinkles. Do you smell something?

Taking on the "to scent or not to scent" question is like stepping in a mine field. Today, we'll try to find our way to freshness, while staying clean and green at home.   Read More >>

Challenge Day 19: Light Up the Living Room

living room lighting

Floors and furniture, walls and decor all work together to create an inviting living room, but without light, they're cardboard actors on a darkened stage.

What's the state of lighting in your living room? Can the family converse, read, craft or watch television in comfort?

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, we'll let the light shine in the living room, and consider options to bring the right light where it's needed in your organized home.   Read More >>

Challenge Day 18: Control "Clicker" Clutter

Control remote control clutter

They're hard-working and indispensable features of modern life: remote controls, commonly referred to as the "clicker".

Thing is, in modern homes, they've arrived in multiple. How many clickers live in your living room--and how much chaos does it cause when one goes missing?

Today, consider ways to corral remote controls in your organized home.   Read More >>