Cleaning Challenge: Chill the Chore Wars

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New Year Cleaning Challenge Day 67

Kids being kids, keeping a clean house is a struggle on a good day--and getting them to pitch in with household chores can rise to the level of a battle.

How do you chill the chore wars?

Today in the New Year Cleaning Challenge, we'll consider ways to build teamwork and teach important life skills when it comes to cleaning house.

Try these ideas to bring the family onboard.

Today's Assignment:
Chill the Chore Wars

Cleaning house is a part of life for everyone, but you wouldn't know it, given the fuss children can put up on the subject of household chores! Evasion and backtalk, procrastination and intentional sabotage can make it tough to build family teamwork where housework is concerned.

Flak notwithstanding, children benefit when the household works together to keep a clean and organized home. Involving children with housework not only eases parental burdens, but also teaches important skills for adult life.

Today, consider these ways to involve children with household chores without losing your temper ... or your mind.

Kids and Chores: Chilling the Chore Wars